morphological terms

Chris Glasby c.glasby at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Fri Oct 31 11:28:10 CST 1997

In response to Olivier De Clerck's request for a term
'describing dichotomous branching where one axes becomes larger than
the other one' .... can I suggest simply 'subequal dichotomous
branching'. As an invertebrate biologist I also have the need to
describe branching patterns (eg. in polychaete branchiae) and I have
found useful Stearn's 1983 Botanical Latin which has a chapter on
Descriptive Terminology. Probably you can find a more specific and
appropriate term in the sections on ramifications and arrangement (of
leaves etc).
Does anyone know of any online glossaries of
morphological terms that covers branching patterns etc?
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