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Thu Sep 11 09:44:35 CDT 1997

>Can anyone give the correct author names of four species of
>Orostachys (Crassulaceae)? In different publications I have found
>different author citations.

Well, I don't know about Orostachys, but in Trillium, "I have" several
recominations that were independantly re-combined.  The O.thyrsiflorus
citation could be an example of an old one.  In some of the older
(1800s) nomenclatural articals that *I* have, frequently the originating
author (here DC) is not indicated in a recombination.  Neither are
"in" and "ex" consistently used like they are in the more mordern
citations.  From my experience with Trillium, I'd say that it's a good
bet that O.spinosus and O.malacophyllus were just independantly recombined.
Do you have the dates for these taxa?  Have you checked the IK?

Good luck,
Susan, grad student
sfarmer at goldsword.com

>I will list the species here with the author citations I have seen.
>Orostachys spinosus (L.) Sweet
>Orostachys spinosus (L.) A. Berger
>Orostachys thyrsiflorus Fischer
>Orostachys thyrsiflorus (DC) Fischer ex Sweet
>Orostachys fimbriatus (Turcz.) A. Berger
>Orostachys malacophyllus (Pallas) Sweet
>Orostachys malacophyllus (Pallas) A. Berger
>Thank you in advance!
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