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Thu Sep 11 09:46:08 CDT 1997

This was on the newsgroup. Some persons on the Taxacom List
may wish to write a letter in support of reinstating the badge.


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             save the botany merit badge
             10 Sep 1997 20:33:08 GMT
             smfact at (Smfact)
       I recently became aware that the  Boy Scouts of America have
discontinued the botany merit badge.  They report that when the number of
badges completed per year drops below 1200, that badge is reviewed.  They
weigh the costs of making the badge more attractive and in their opinion ,
botany  did not make the grade.  Supposedly, in the last 5 years an average
of about 750 botany merit badges per year have been awarded.  Even though
these numbers are low, it does suggest that there are many young people who
are interested in the field and would benefit from the work involved in
obtaining such a badge.
        The national headquarters for the Boy Scouts will consider
reinstating the merit badge for botany if it receives enough letters from
professional organizations and individuals around the United States.   The
next meeting is in October of this year.  If you would like to see the
botany merit badge reeinstated send a letter to the following address:
Attn: Mr. John Dalrymple, Advancement Committee, Boy Scouts of America,
Post Office Box 152079, Irving, TX  75015 - 2079.
        Try to mail it so it arrives by the next week or two in September.
 Mention any personal experience in Scouting or with other youth groups
that influenced your career choice, as well as the importance of Scouting
in introducing boys to your profession.  This is your chance to help spread
the interest in the field of botany.  I originally received this
information/request from Charlotte Jones-Roe of the North Carolina
Botanical Garden.  Thanks for any help,  Steve Messier,  Connecticut
Botanical Society

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