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        The following message was received through Taxacom. The postponement
of the promised database is probably a good thing since Julian Humphries was
not very receptive to making changes needed by other people. For example, I
tried to convince him at the entomology meetings that the Zoe  program
should have easy means of uploading already entered collections data (such
as MUSE databases), but he didn't agree and seemed to feel people could
enter it again.
         The database being worked on by programmers at Kansas has potential
for satisfying collection computerization needs as regards software for
biology in general. Several  programmers are laboring on the software, and
Jim Beach is involved as noted below. The database will supposedly follow
ASC formulated guidelines that NSF also likes.

At 04:38 PM 9/9/97 -0500, Leonard Krishtalka wrote:
>IMPORTANT MEMORANDUM =96 Please excuse cross-postings
>TO:  The MUSE community
>FROM:  Leonard Krishtalka, Director, Natural History Museum & Biodiversity
>Research Center, The University of Kansas
>DATE:  September 5, 1997
>SUBJECT:  MUSE/Zoe Project Announcement: Changes in administration and
>management for current MUSE and future "Zoe" users
>Internal and external evaluation during 1997 of the Zoe prototype=
>database management system, which was developed at Cornell University until
>July, 1996 and since then at KUNHM, revealed systemically unstable and
>inadequate performance that is beyond efficient correction within the
>current Zoe framework.
>Therefore, the University of Kansas Natural History Museum (KUNHM) has
>formed a new management team to direct the OZ Project, the laboratory
>working name for the new program that will replace Zoe.  Target date for
>delivery of OZ is June, 1998.
>The new OZ development team members are:=20
>Laura Green, Project Manager
>Tim Noble, Senior Programmer
>Todd Kofford, Programmer
>Magnus Thorne, Programmer =20
>Principle oversight for this NSF-funded project is being provided by Dr.
>Craig Freeman, Curator, Division of Botany.  The OZ Project KUNHM Advisory
>Committee includes:=20
>Dr. Steve Ashe, Curator, Division of Entomology;=20
>Alice Hart, Geologist, Division of Invertebrate Paleontology;=20
>Stacie Kawaguchi, Collection Manager, Division of Botany
>Dr. Desui Miao, Collection Manager, Division of Vertebrate Paleontology;=20
>Mark Robbins, Collection Manager, Division of Ornithology;
>Dr. Kate Shaw, Collection Manager, Division of Ichthyology;=20
>John Simmons, Collection Manager, Division of Herpetology;
>Dr. Norm Slade, Curator, Division of Mammalogy; and=20
>Dr. Jim Beach, Department of Biodiversity Informatics. =20
>External advisors in the technology and collections arenas are being
>consulted as needed.
>Dr. Julian Humphries has resigned his position at the Museum effective
>October 31, 1997.
>OZ is being completely rewritten in Borland=92s C++ and Delphi for the=
>95 or NT environment.  OZ will be based on the ASC data model and developed
>initially for the following taxonomic collections: plants, insects,
>arachnids, molluscs, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, fossil
>vertebrates, fossil invertebrates, fossil plants. =20
>An integral component of the development scheme is a data migration pathway
>for current MUSE users and sites to OZ.  However, in anticipation of OZ, we
>will not be distributing new versions of MUSE.  A follow-up message will
>address MUSE support for current MUSE users, sites and versions.
>The OZ project timetable is as follows (target dates are approximate):=20
>=B7 Until October 1: Design phase, which is currently underway;
>=B7 October 1, 1997-April 1, 1998: Implementation phase, which will include
>high-level design, user interface, publications, coding and test plans;=20
>=B7 April 1-May1, 1998: Testing phase; =20
>=B7 June, 1998 =96 Product delivery
>We welcome visitors to the OZ development laboratory at the Natural History
>Museum.  Please contact the OZ development team at ozlab at or Laura
>Green (redgreen at; phone: 785/864-3803; fax: 785/864-5010) to
>schedule a visit.  If you have any specific questions or concerns, please=
>not hesitate to contact Laura.  We will be providing regular updates on the
>progress of OZ development through email bulletins and via the OZ web site
>We deeply regret the past delays in the timetable of the Zoe project and=
>resulting community disappointment.  The new OZ development and management
>team is committed to matching promised expectations to deliverables,
>beginning with our re-engineering of OZ.  We appreciate your patience and
>confidence during this period of transition and development of the OZ
>collection data management system.
>Leonard Krishtalka
>Director                                   =20
>Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center               =20
>The University of Kansas      =09
>Lawrence, KS 66045
>phone:  785/864-4540
>fax:       785/864-5335
>e-mail:  krishtalka at

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