Heinemann Memorial Symposium

Elmar Robbrecht E.Robbrecht at BR.FGOV.BE
Mon Sep 15 17:06:27 CDT 1997

Paul Heinemann Memorial Symposium
Systematics and Ecology of the Macromycetes

Professor Paul Heinemann's (died on June 18, 1996) long career was mainly
devoted to mycology. On Saturday 29 November, a memorial Symposium will be
organized by the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, the Royal Botanical
Society of Belgium and the Facult=E9 des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux.

Where? National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Bouchout Castle
Programme. Nine invited lectures, including e.g. Watling, Noordeloos and
Ryvarden. Fifteen posters. Propositions for posters may still be sent.
Proceedings: to be published in Belgian Journal of Botany.

For further information and registration forms contact:
robbrecht at BR.fgov.be

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