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Vr.R. Bejsak-Colloredo-Mansfeld ricardo at LOGIN.CZ
Tue Sep 16 07:26:49 CDT 1997

Dear Thomas,

I am using databases for  long time is the best idea to have field like:

mycode  [10]    Rc-056-133 [ this file help to me sort database fylogenetica=
codegebien [5]  number sensu Gebien catalogue of Tenebrionidae
Family:  [50]   Tenebrionidae
Subfamily: [50] Tenebrioninae
Genus:   [50]   Strongylium
Species:        [50]    umbrium =3D
synonym_of: [50]        viridis
bracket1:        [1]    (
author: [50]    Fabricius
author_yea: [4] 1799
bracket2:       [1]     )
page    [8]     568-570
Refcode         [6]     KAS-456 (reference number to relate with database of papers=
 and references)
Area    [10]    NEOTROPIC
Distribution: [120]     Brasil
note    [120]   this could be valid specie !!., type locality unknon.

You have to sometime sort the database to check if you do not make misspe=
ling, etc.
Despite using Access I prefer to write database in dBase IV, thank to com=
mand "CARRY ON" and "Insert". It save typing.
*.dbf database is large, but can be accepted by any other databases inclu=
ding spreadsheets and wordprocessors.
> Dear readers,
> About two weeks ago, there has been a discussion in this list about
> database structures.
> Unfortunately, I'm no specialist in this area. But nevertheless, I trie=
> to read the mails and two aspects called my attention:
> 1.) A brazilian list member suggested to make use of the concept of
> relational databases by linking the data entries via a number code to
> an established list of all possible species.
> However, this would have the disadvantage to make the user memorize lar=
> series of numbers.
> My opinion: Programming under Windows, for example with Access97, allow=
s to
> construct selection boxes linked to a list with, for example, species =
> Even if this list is very large, the selection box still will be user =

> friendly.
> A practical example of this kind of programming I recently found in ano=
> context: my computer dictionary (Aurelio eletronico para Windows vers=E3=
o 2.0).
> Here the list of "species" includes all words of the portuguese languag=
> but even though, one clicks quickly into the right word within a select=
> box.
> 2.) An american contributor suggested to use the full binomial name ins=
> of separate fields for genus and species.
> I think, that's a good idea. In some groups there may be multiple use =
> the same species name in different genera. Providing the complete name =
> one field easily avoids confusion and makes the whole database simpler.
> Sorry for the late comment, but I continue being interested in the topi=
>               Thomas
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