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>    There is a major problem that has been developing in monographic
>studies. The editors of jounals will not let us cite many specimens seen.

This is an important question being thrust at us dialy. Our current
solution is to use museum registration numbers but that too is fairly
bald. So I have a couple of questions to taxonomists and the users.

PLEASE REPLY DIRECTLY TO ME and I'll compose a summary of the replies.

How often is the demand to shrink material examined lists being thrust at

Will the editors etc accept museum registrations numbers or must the list
be entirely bald?

How common is the practice of assigning registraton numbers?

Posting "excess" data on the web has very useful attributes in that the
data can be used for biogeographic and phylogenetic  analyses. However,
there are two edges here and I'd be pleased to hear opinions on them.

What sort of time is expected for such data to remain accessible on the
Web if the extra data is posted there?


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