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Dear Taxacomers,

I forward a message, from another mailing-list, which will probably find
a better audience in this forum.
Very best regards to all.

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R=E9gis Courtecuisse
D=E9partement de Botanique
Facult=E9 des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques
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Subject: Sphagnum!!
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>Sent:  25 September 1997 20:55
>To:    ramsar at indaba.iucn.org
>Subject:       Sphagnum!!
>Dear All!!
>I am currently trying to reconstruct a past environmental succession
>from a wetland. I have identified sphagnum moss at all levels it was
>found in. Now I need assistance to find out what different species
>indicate!! So if there are any sphagnum experts please could you
>Niall Lobley
>NAL526 at novell3.bham.ac.uk

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