respect on the List, was "Creationism"

Anthony R. Brach brach at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Sep 29 07:04:36 CDT 1997

Dear List,

It is very discouraging to see remarks like this on this scientific
listserv, especially one that is archived as web pages and thus available
and perused worldwide.  I think a majority of people on this list would
prefer that people stick to the scientific subject matter and related
facts, theories, and discussion, without "attacks".

also, a word of caution on generalizations
for those who would like to examine a web page on science and faith (from a
Roman Catholic perspective):
and this one on Pope John Paul II's comments on evolution as not contrary
to the Catholic faith:

and how about a little more respect for those of other Christian
denominations and religions - I would guess that there are at least a few
taxonomists in the world who would be offended by the earlier comments.

just my two cents worth on respect on the list, and a word of caution on


Anthony R. Brach

>Not to stir up this pot any further, but to bring things full circle ...
>The word "cretin" derives from the French word for "Christian" (I"m not
>making this up either).
>Neal Evenhuis
>Date:    Sun, 28 Sep 1997 14:39:04 +0100
>From:    Fortuner <fortuner at WANADOO.FR>
>Subject: Creationism
>Re Origin of the word "cretin"
>That would be an interesting subject for a debate: "Is Creationism
>Caused By Iodine Deficiency?"
>Renaud Fortuner

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