Creationism discussion

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Sep 29 08:02:53 CDT 1997

- Taxacom is not just about the science of

- It is also about the people of taxonomy/etc.

So, I would say that the insights into those people's
attitudes and personalities, as gained through their
comments on a subject (creationism) of significant
[social/cultural, at least] import to taxonomy/etc serves a
useful function on Taxacom.

I would agree that abusive comments about other people's
philosophy (such as about their religions) are unnecessary.
But, in a list of 800 practitioners of taxonomy/etc, it is
useful to understand a little about who they are, not just
what science they practice. One might even write an article
in Science about it, you'd think, from time to time :>)

- It is also about the world in which taxonomy/etc is
practiced, esp, where that world impacts upon taxonomy/etc.
That world in particular includes such themes as creationism
and religion, both of which have been of some legitimate
concern and/or interest to taxonomists/etc and which have
been discussed on several occasions in the past on Taxacom.
The commentaries posted recently to Taxacom also address
those concerns and interests.

So, I invite everyone to remain on Taxacom, and to learn a
little bit more about their neighbors and their thoughts.

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