Zhang Dianxiang h9592048 at HKUSUA.HKU.HK
Tue Sep 30 09:21:01 CDT 1997

Dear all,
I can remember only two decades ago, most people in China just believed
that the communist society is coming some day in the future, but not any
more now. The reason for this is that this was the only thing they could
believe. As to the creationism, with only some common sense and an open
mind every one will discard it. Like in China, even if a illiterate
peasant will scorn at such an idea although they do not know any thing
about darwinism or any thing like this.
Dianxiang Zhang
The University of Hong Kong

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Dennis Paulson wrote:

> >Re Anthony R. Brach remarks:
> >
> >Oh, come on!  I happen to be a Catholic myself and I can assure you I
> >was not offended by my remarks... nor by Neal's follow-up.  The very
> >fact that Taxacom is "perused worldwide" means that some contributors
> >are from free countries, i.e., countries where political correctness has
> >not yet killed the sense of humor.
> >
> >Cheer up!
> >
> >Renaud Fortuner
> But the lack of a sense of humor is characteristic of dogma, isn't it? I
> would add "lighten up" to your "cheer up."
> I would also add that subscribing to a list seems to me something one does
> because of its value to the subscriber. Unsubscribing to it (whether
> privately or overtly) because of remarks by 2 or 3 of its members to which
> one disagrees indicates to me a not very great commitment to the subject.
> Or are creationist groups planting members on our list just to see what
> "the other side" is up to?
> Furthermore, I wonder if the creationist lists ever contain little mild
> slurs against evolutionary biologists.....or are they much too serious?
> If I've offended anyone, feel free to contact me personally--oops, but
> you've already unsubscribed, haven't you?
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