URL for Draft BioCode

John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Mon Sep 8 12:12:48 CDT 1997

Dear colleagues;

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) changed its web-server a few months ago
in such a way that the terminal ".htm" in all URLs had to change to
".html".  This affects the URLs for the Draft BioCode and for my
General Introduction to the BioCode.

The Draft BioCode is now to be found at:


and my "General Introduction"  at:


A revision of the Draft BioCode, taking acount of comments received
from the taxonomic community, will be posted in a month or so.

Apologies for cross-posting.

John McNeill

  John McNeill, Director Emeritus, Royal Ontario Museum,
  100 Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2C6, Canada.
  Tel. and fax # 416-586-5744  e-mail: johnm at rom.on.ca

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