Developing Policies for Collections

Allison R. Brigham abrigham at USGS.GOV
Mon Sep 8 18:02:51 CDT 1997

The Association of Systematics Collections has published a series
of papers that cover the topics mentioned in Paulo Petryp's message
(below). Relevant titles include:

   "Guidelines for Institutional Policies and Planning in Natural
    History Collections"

   "Status, Resources and Needs of Systematics Collections"

   "Guidelines for Institutional Database Policies"

   "An Information Model for Biological Collections"

   "Guidelines to Acquisition and Management of Biological Specimens"

Prices, ordering information, and summaries are available on the
ASC home page:

Allison Brigham (abrigham at
U.S. Geological Survey
National Water-Quality Laboratory
5293 Ward Road, MS 407
Arvada, CO  80002

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>        We are developing our institution's policies about use, access
>and intelectual property for the biological collections. I would
>appreciate very much if you could point me to some on-line templates to
>work with.
>Thanks in advance,
>Paulo petry
>Co-chair of the biological collections program
>INPA Manaus Brazil
>petryp at

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