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Luis A. Ruedas lruedas at SEVILLETA.UNM.EDU
Thu Sep 18 08:37:04 CDT 1997

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Clifford Wetmore wrote:

>     There is a major problem that has been developing in monographic
> studies. The editors of jounals will not let us cite many specimens seen.
> how does anyone ever cite a Web page? Is it a valid citation?

It seems to me that the problem is not so much how to cite web pages
(although that is a valid question), but rather how to deal with
semi-intractable journal editors.  I agree with you that much of the more
valuable information contained in a monograph is the list of specimens
examined, and I deplore the increasing numbers of articles, particularly
systematic and taxonomic articles, wherein specimens examined sections are
obviated.  Perhaps we should make it our business to educate editors (or
fight with them) about the value of these portions of our manuscripts,
rather than attempting to cite at times ephemeral electronic resources.  I
am sure these comments will inflame someone or other, as electronic
discourse is wont to do, but they are meant in a positive spirit.  Send
flames directly to me, rather than to TAXACOM.  Thank you.



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