Creationist debate

Fortuner fortuner at WANADOO.FR
Sun Sep 28 06:08:13 CDT 1997

First, you should tell them that you don't know enough about plants to
explain their evolution (and ask them how THEY know about plants), but
that you would be happy to talk about the evolution of crustaceans, as
this is your field of study.

As for admonitions for a general debate, you might tell them the story
of Lyssenko and draw a parallel between communist dogmatists and
religious dogmatists.  That should hit them below the belt!  Tell them
how Lyssenkism ruined Soviet agricultural research and how creationist
dogma would do the same for the States.

Renaud Fortuner

PS: My spell checker choked on the world "creationist" and suggested
"cretinized" as a replacement!  I swear I am not making this up (try it
with WordPerfect 3.5)

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