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Hi out there, it 's really a pretty funny discussion!
> As for admonitions for a general debate, you might tell them the story
> of Lyssenko and draw a parallel between communist dogmatists and
> religious dogmatists.  That should hit them below the belt!  Tell them
> how Lyssenkism ruined Soviet agricultural research and how creationist
> dogma would do the same for the States.
> Renaud Fortuner
> PS: My spell checker choked on the world "creationist" and suggested
> "cretinized" as a replacement!  I swear I am not making this up (try it
> with WordPerfect 3.5)
To facilitate the discussion some quotes from my
=09=09Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English
=09=09(Conventional book, not on disk):

=09cretin - deformed and mentally undevelopped person=20
=09=09(diseased because of weakness of the thyroid gland)
=09=09{"Cretinized" has to do with that?}
=09=09Anyway, in this context I wouldn't trust your spell checker.

=09create - cause something to exist: God created the world.

=09creation - the world or universe as created by God

=09dogma - belief, system of beliefs, put forward by some authority
=09=09(esp the Church) to be accepted as true without question.

A priest told me that one has three possibilities to deal with the dogma
of creation:
=091.) Believe it!
=092.) Ignore it! Don't deal with that!
=093.) Deny it!
The decision is personal and does not (hopefully) have any political or
sociological consequences.

Soviet citizens was given the same kind of freedom?

Well, I'll go back to my Ivory Tower,
=09=09=09=09=09   Thomas

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