Dennis Paulson dpaulson at UPS.EDU
Mon Sep 29 10:54:48 CDT 1997

>Re Anthony R. Brach remarks:
>Oh, come on!  I happen to be a Catholic myself and I can assure you I
>was not offended by my remarks... nor by Neal's follow-up.  The very
>fact that Taxacom is "perused worldwide" means that some contributors
>are from free countries, i.e., countries where political correctness has
>not yet killed the sense of humor.
>Cheer up!
>Renaud Fortuner

But the lack of a sense of humor is characteristic of dogma, isn't it? I
would add "lighten up" to your "cheer up."

I would also add that subscribing to a list seems to me something one does
because of its value to the subscriber. Unsubscribing to it (whether
privately or overtly) because of remarks by 2 or 3 of its members to which
one disagrees indicates to me a not very great commitment to the subject.
Or are creationist groups planting members on our list just to see what
"the other side" is up to?

Furthermore, I wonder if the creationist lists ever contain little mild
slurs against evolutionary biologists.....or are they much too serious?

If I've offended anyone, feel free to contact me personally--oops, but
you've already unsubscribed, haven't you?

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