Taxonomic database structure

Doug Yanega dyanega at MONO.ICB.UFMG.BR
Sat Sep 6 13:26:13 CDT 1997

Geoff read wrote:

>Doug Yanega once wrote:
>" ...Since we're dealing with a hierarchy, it's
>possible to  get by with just a single table.  It needs only have the
>taxon  identifier  (name, id number, whatever) and the corresponding
>identifier for its  parent.   Of course, that parent has a parent, on
>down/up to the most inclusive  taxon in your database.  We're using
>Oracle as our RDBMS and it has a nice  SQL add-on  feature that
>facilitates traversing such hierarchies."

Just a note that while the first sentence is mine, the sentences
thereafter, as I recall, belong to Norm Johnson. Credit where credit is
due. I shoot my mouth off enough, though, I can see how the mistake might
be made... ;-)


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