inch/zoll/laurel - answers

Alexey V. Kuprijanov Q at TINEA.USR.PU.RU
Sun Sep 7 01:16:18 CDT 1997

According to the request by J. Melot I post the most complete
answer to the first question and a short summary of answers to the

>   Here are many possibilities for your first question, compiled by the
>   diatomist Dr. Charles W. Reimer, Academy of Natural Sciences of
>   Philadelphia:
>   pariser Zoll (German)  same as "pouce"(French)  27.07 mm
>   Zoll (English)  1.03 inch   26.16 mm
>   Zoll (old Paris)  1.03 inch   26.16 mm
>   Zoll (Swiss)  1.181 inch   30.00mm
>   John C. Kingston
>   U.S. Geological Survey
>   5293 Ward Road
>   Arvada, CO 80002  USA

As to laurel leaves, they certainly belong to Prunus laurocerasus (Cherry
laurel) which is known to contain cyanoglycosides. This treat allow to
use bruised cherry laurel leaves as a source of low-concentration HCN.
The confusion with Laurus nobilis was due to my ignorance about the
congruence of vernacular names.

Thanks again to those who provided me with answers and to list-owner.

Yours sincerely,
Alexey Kuprijanov

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