Funding Opportunity from NSF/NIH

James E. Rodman jrodman at NSF.GOV
Mon Sep 8 10:47:46 CDT 1997

Dear Colleagues:
     The Directorate for Biological Sciences at the National
Science Foundation and the Fogarty International Center of the
National Institutes of Health announce the second Request for
Applications (RFA) for International Cooperative Biodiversity
Groups, for multi-institutional, multidisciplinary research
addressing the combined goals of drug discovery, biological
conservation, and sustainable economic development in
less-developed countries of the world. The full RFA and other
information are available on the Web at
<>. Inquiries can be addressed by
e-mail to <joshua_rosenthal at>. An optional letter
of intent is requested by October 15, 1997; the completed
application is due at NIH by January 22, 1998.
     The first round of ICBG awards started in 1995, and resulted
in support for five major projects, working in Africa and Latin
America, with emphasis on vascular plants and on insects, in
tropical environments. Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies
and cooperation with local, indigenous peoples' organizations are
hallmarks of all the projects.
     Systematic Biology Program
     NSF/DEB; 703-306-1481
September 8, 1997

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