the other BSA and the botany merit badge

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I' m supporting reinstating the badge {sci.botany.newsgroup} .
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On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Anthony R. Brach wrote:

> This was on the newsgroup. Some persons on the Taxacom List
> may wish to write a letter in support of reinstating the badge.
> Sincerely,
> Anthony R. Brach
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> Subject:
>              save the botany merit badge
>         Date:
>              10 Sep 1997 20:33:08 GMT
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>              smfact at (Smfact)
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>              AOL
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>        I recently became aware that the  Boy Scouts of America have
> discontinued the botany merit badge.  They report that when the number of
> badges completed per year drops below 1200, that badge is reviewed.  They
> weigh the costs of making the badge more attractive and in their opinion ,
> botany  did not make the grade.  Supposedly, in the last 5 years an average
> of about 750 botany merit badges per year have been awarded.  Even though
> these numbers are low, it does suggest that there are many young people who
> are interested in the field and would benefit from the work involved in
> obtaining such a badge.
>         The national headquarters for the Boy Scouts will consider
> reinstating the merit badge for botany if it receives enough letters from
> professional organizations and individuals around the United States.   The
> next meeting is in October of this year.  If you would like to see the
> botany merit badge reeinstated send a letter to the following address:
> Attn: Mr. John Dalrymple, Advancement Committee, Boy Scouts of America,
> Post Office Box 152079, Irving, TX  75015 - 2079.
>         Try to mail it so it arrives by the next week or two in September.
>  Mention any personal experience in Scouting or with other youth groups
> that influenced your career choice, as well as the importance of Scouting
> in introducing boys to your profession.  This is your chance to help spread
> the interest in the field of botany.  I originally received this
> information/request from Charlotte Jones-Roe of the North Carolina
> Botanical Garden.  Thanks for any help,  Steve Messier,  Connecticut
> Botanical Society

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