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Paul Hargraves pharg at GSOSUN1.GSO.URI.EDU
Thu Sep 18 08:47:03 CDT 1997

Websites are surely tempting loci for basic, important data that editors
will not accept.  However, I keep coming back to the article published by
Rothenberg on the (im)permanence of electronic storage (who uses 8-tracks;
who uses 5-1/4 floppies)? I can pull an original paper of Greville's  off
my shelf from 1861; will I be able to access a website be in 2133?
Paul Hargraves

[Rothenberg, J. 1995. Ensuring the longevity of digital documents.
Scienific American. January 1995, pp. 42-47.]

>         I can see a big problem concernig the publications of cientific work on
> the web. The web is a good and fast way to access any information stored on it, but the URLs are changing all the time. It's possible that I cannot reach the source of this information anymore.
>         Maybe the web could be a simple reference to get publications stored in
> electronic midia as CD ROMs?

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