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Fred Rickson ricksonf at AVA.BCC.ORST.EDU
Thu Sep 18 14:32:33 CDT 1997

To All:

        I am about to run out of "cut out-press on" numbers, letters, and arrows
used for photographs in manuscripts.  My old make was FORMATT from Graphic
Products Corp.  However, I can't come up with a source in Oregon and cannot
find (800 info) a phone number for that company.  So, can anyone help.....I
like FORMATT because you cut out the whole figure on a transparent backing
and press it on the photograph rather than the type in which you have to
"press-transfer" all of the figure.  Also this company made a series with
black numerals on a white background which is perfect for photographs with
their often dark background.

        I know that some journals do it all for you, but Amer J. Botany, for
instance, does not and one must mock up the photos to completion.  Thanks
for any help or suggestions of alternative solutions.

Fred Rickson

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