Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthyrenus verbaci) in herbarium collection

Wed Sep 24 10:54:05 CDT 1997

We have found numerous adults of the Varied Carpet Beetle
(Anthyrenus verbaci) on windowsills in our herbarium.  So far no larvae
have been found - apparently it is the larvae that cause damage. Does
anyone know if they eat plant specimens or do they restrict their diet to
animal products?  If they are likely to be a problem, what is the best way
of controlling them?  Management at the herbarium are very keen to
fumigate with Methyl Bromide (just in case) but it would be good to know
if this is really necessary or if there are alternatives.  A decision is likely
to be made in the next day or so, so a quick reply by email would be very
much appreciated.


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