FW: African Biogeography

Anton Doroszenko (TL, Fld Crp) A.DOROSZENKO at CABI.ORG
Wed Sep 24 13:22:00 CDT 1997

I checked the CAB ABSTRACTS database and found 89 references published since
1984 on biogeography in Africa, many on entomological topics. Maybe it is
worth checking that database out.

Anton Doroszenko
a.doroszenko at cabi.org
From: Zhiwei Liu
To: Multiple recipients of list TAXACOM
Subject: African Biogeography
Date: 24 September 1997 03:11

Dear all,

I am searching for references on the Historical Biogeography of African,
particularly south of Sahara. I have searched Biological Abstracts since
1990 and some other resources, but only resulted in a list with few
directly relevant references. I have a copy of the monograph edited by
MJA Werger (1978): Biogeography and Ecology of Southern Africa.  But it
has been two decades since then. I shall therefore very appreciate your
providing me information on the topic.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Yours sincerely
Zhiwei Liu

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