African biogeography

Mike Crisp Mike.Crisp at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Sep 25 17:30:18 CDT 1997

Zhiwei Liu wrote:

>I am searching for references on the Historical Biogeography of African,
>particularly south of Sahara. I have searched Biological Abstracts since
>1990 and some other resources, but only resulted in a list with few
>directly relevant references. I have a copy of the monograph edited by
>MJA Werger (1978): Biogeography and Ecology of Southern Africa.  But it
>has been two decades since then. I shall therefore very appreciate your
>providing me information on the topic.

Peter Linder and I are currently researching the historical biogeography of
plants in the southern hemisphere.  We have 55 references relevant to
sub-Saharan Africa.  A good starting point for you would be:
Linder, H. P. (1994). Afrotemperate phytogeography: implications of
cladistic biogeographical analyses. XIII Plenary Meeting AETFAT, Zomba,
Malawi, National Herbarium and Botanic Gardens, Malawi.
Peter has another, larger analysis in press (Linder, H. P. (1996).
Numerical analyses of African plant distribution patterns. Frank White
Symposium, University of Oxford.).  I will ask him to send you a copy.

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