Science and Religion

Warren Frank Lamboy wfl1 at NYSAES.CORNELL.EDU
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Science and Religion use different methodologies and criteria for
determining the truth.  One must expect that if the same question is asked
by both Science and Religion, different and contradictory answers may be
found.  Evidence and arguments utilized by Science are not convincing in
the religious sphere, and vice versa.  Nevertheless, the only time real
problems occur is when one takes conclusions found, for example, by
scientific methods, and expects them to be accepted in the religious realm,
and vice versa.  So, it is important to understand what realm one is
dealing with in any particular conversation, email exchange, lecture,
publication, newsgroup, etc.  I was under the impression that TAXACOM is a
newsgroup that dealt with the realm of SCIENCE.  Consequently I don't
burden it with my experiences and ideas concerning ESP, ghosts,
reincarnation, karma, and the like, although I take all these matters very
seriously when I am operating in the spiritual realm.  -  Warren
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