Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Mon Sep 29 08:50:29 CDT 1997

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Ted Schultz wrote:

> Dennis Paulson wrote:
> >
> >Furthermore, I wonder if the creationist lists ever contain little mild
> >slurs against evolutionary biologists.....or are they much too serious?
> >
> I know the above was asked with tongue-in-cheek, but in fact evolutionary
> biologists and Satanists are regularly equated (along with "secular
> humanists") in creationist writing.

Well then! ...  that might explain the unfortunate strong reaction by some
to my etymological (not religious) comment concerning the derivation of
the word "cretin". You see ... I'm left-handed, which as any good Latin
scholar knows is ... "sinister"!!

<... and I've learned to live with that fact.... as well as the fact we
lefties are also gauche in France and some parts of Tahiti ...>



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