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Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Mon Sep 29 17:58:41 CDT 1997

Hello out there, one more comment.
(Hopefully without hurting anyone!)

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Warren Frank Lamboy wrote:

> Science and Religion use different methodologies and criteria for
> determining the truth.  One must expect that if the same question is aske=
> by both Science and Religion, different and contradictory answers may be
> found.  Evidence and arguments utilized by Science are not convincing in
> the religious sphere, and vice versa. =20

Hi Warren, so you are a deeply double thinking being!!! One side of you
may be religious, the other may be scientific! And one side is always
reclaiming about the uneducated, bad behavior of the other!!! Poor Warren!
(Sorry, it was only a joke!)

Reality is not that double-sided, I think!!
When I used the term dogma I did not want hurt any creationist. Sorry, this
was not my intention. Evolutionists may as dogmatic as creationists, or eve=

I wanted to show that every human, for reasons of simplicity and mere
survival, uses dogmas (given sets of assumptions which are not questioned
and which are supported by authorities).
For instance, everyday, I believe in the dogma that using my car
and paying attention to the traffic signs, I will survive and take no harm.
(Was it the car industry which implanted that dogma?)
As I already worked in an ambulance I know that there is nothing to justify
this kind of assumption.
In the realm of evolution one finds more sophisticated dogmas, which are
a lot further away from every day live. One, for example, thinks that histo=
of the earth and live can be explained by considering only physical, and=20
thus, for the scientist understandable events.
As far as I know, this kind of thinking is based on a philosophical school
called monism.
The scope of this discussion list is taxonomy. Taxonomy still lives an
intensive struggle between Linnean and phylogenetic taxonomy. Maybe=20
it would be an interesting discussion to point out the underlying dogmas
in these two schools!
As far as I know, American cladists succeeded in overcoming german=20
evolutionism and naturalism and reconciled cladism with creationist thinkin=

The main dogma of creationists is Martin Luther's "sola scritura", if I'm
correctly informed!
This means that everything has to be read and evaluated in the light of=20
the Bible, science not excluded (Yesterday I tested it, the Bible contains
about 25 references of science. Science is considered as one way to give=20
benefit to the community. Other biblical ways are, for example,=20
prophecy, curation and revelation)

Science is based on confidence, one has to have the confidence that one is
really doing the right thing!
How can confidence be explained outside the realm of religion?????

Thus, I believe, that every scientist is, intrinsically, very religious.
Without ultimate assumptions about the world, it is difficult to articulate
hypothesis and test them by the scientific method.

It is outside of the scope of this message to give an ultimate judgement
in the creation vs. evolution debate, but one should consider it carefully!

By the way, a lot of taxonomists are very occupied with the biodiversity
crisis (I'm as well).
If you consider the problem on a purely operational, not religious way,
there is no need to worry, as the crisis will facilitate considerably
the work of future taxonomes (less taxons)!

Sorry, this was a little polemic, but I did not want to hurt anyone,
yours   Thomas

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