creationist debates

Tue Sep 30 13:11:03 CDT 1997


     Yours is an excellent reply - one that restrikes a bell heard
     throughtout Europe in the late 19th century. Once science usurps
     religion in a society, its system of values is left without foundation
     and nihilism is the inevitable result. It needs new values, based in
     science, if it is to escape the inevitable destruction that nihilism
     will bring.

     This issue was explored at great length by Frederich Nietzsche and his
     works still remain the best available on this subject.  One reason
     that we Americans seem to lag behind in this field may be that his
     works were not translated into English until the 1960's.  Unlike many
     philosophical works, his are emminently readable. Try "The Geneology
     of Morals" and "Twilight of the Idols" for starters. From there, move
     on to "Thus Spake Zarathustra."  Its fascinating and thought provoking

     If we, as scientists, are working for the benefit of mankind, we need
     to be aware of the ramifications of our discipline on the totality of
     man's needs - including the need for the mystical and/or spiritual.

     Bill Adams
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Subject: creationist debates
Author:  sylvia.hope at CASMAIL.CALACADEMY.ORG at Internet
Date:    9/30/97 9:59 AM

          The religious endeavor needs the understanding and
          communication with scientists, not their contempt.  For some
          obscure reason God was set up as the authority and guardian
          of morality and connected to the idea of solace and
          everlasting life.  Evolution undermined all this and the
          ancient foundation of the social order - and what have we
          got?  Better medicine is not enough.  Clever arguments that
          science has led to material gains leave the spirit empty -

          I think some scientists are so fundamentally worried about
          the emptiness out there underscored by their daily endeavors
          that they express their fear as contempt for the solace of
          religion.  Did Darwin say something about the expression of
          an emotion by the display of its opposite?  And there was S.
          Freud with reaction formation.

          There are programs of scientific research into ethics and
          morality - has anyone asked - why has the belief in a god
          been such a powerful force in human history?  How did it
          start?  Don't tell me it's a plot to control the masses.

          Are such studies even more deconstructionist for religion?

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