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William A. Hayes bhayes at DSU.DELTAST.EDU
Tue Sep 30 09:38:16 CDT 1997

One note I have not seen on this thread which I learned very early to
take as a warning from whomever... :)

In the Old Testament, Book of Genesis...
Chapter 1 refers to 6 days of making things and one day of rest.
Chapter 2 begins with "in THE DAY" that God created these things... !

If that kind of contradiction within the first page or two of the Bible
isn't enough to warn people about literal interpretation, I don't know
what is.

On a personal level, as an adult I have no problems with a coexistence of
a "thoughtful" approach to religion and a "thoughtful" approach to
science within myself.... although I had a lot a trouble for awhile when
a high school teacher (a chemist) told me that if I was going to believe
in evolution then I would have to become an atheist. What an absolute
load of bovine excrement to drop on a 15 year old's head! Luckily, I grew
out of it over the next few years.

Best wishes,

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