Science and Religion

Dennis Paulson dpaulson at UPS.EDU
Tue Sep 30 09:07:38 CDT 1997

Thomas Schlemmermeyer wrote that dogma is everywhere, including in the
minds of evolutionary biologists. I don't question this. Warren Frank
Lamboy wrote: "Evidence and arguments utilized by Science are not
convincing in the religious sphere, and vice versa." This implies, and many
have written, that creationism and evolutionary biology are just two
equally valid ways of looking at life on earth.

I'd like to point out though, after years of participating in discussions
of creationism vs. evolution, I have come up with one basic difference that
seems to address this dogma question. Scientists, by definition, are
willing to accept evidence that proves them wrong (I'm talking principles
here, not individual scientists who may stick with dubious hypotheses come
rain or shine). I see no sign of such willingness in creationists,
generally or individually. Someone please correct me if I've been laboring
under a false assumption.

I can think of few more important topics for us to be discussing, a few
grouchy participants notwithstanding. If creationists had their way, there
would be no more teaching of evolutionary biology, and I assume that would
represent a tragedy to just about everyone on this list. Take it from their
own doctrine--they really are the enemy!

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