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At 08:58 -0600 6.04.1998, Alec McClay wrote:
>Can someone please tell me the definition of the term "Irano-Turanian" in
>reference to plant distribution?

Plants whose distribution extends from the eastern Mediterranean to
Anatolia and Iran. (Also referred to as simply "Turanian")

Generally it refers here (in Italy) to plants in arid stations (Ephedra
distachya, Tribulus terrestris, etc.) or in coastal salty areas (Crypsis
aculeata, Salsola kali, Artemisia maritima, etc.) or (the major group) to
plants introduced with the cultivation of wheat (Avena fatua, Ranunculus
arvensis, Melilotus officinale, Matricaria chamomilla, etc.).

[cf. e.g., "Botanica" by C. Cappelletti, 1976]

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