Hybrid Speciation

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Mon Apr 20 13:27:11 CDT 1998

I want to thank John Grehan for his note.  Some things fade faster than
others as years go by since reading something.  It is probably useful to
clarify when one is thinking more from the perspective of landscape
effects and more from the perspective of the resulting phylogenies.  In my
case it was the former, and Vrba's (1995) recent paper in the book on
African palaeoclimatology well captures the situation as it appears in
East African aquatic systems, with slight caveats attendent to the
translation from a terrestrial to an aquatic bias.  Now we might
wonder how taxa vary in the duration of "hybrid swarm" or "webbed"
phases.  Vrba obviously recognized that they would vary, reflecting
landscape effects to different degree, and running on different clocks.
Indeed, variation in the architecture of adaptive radiation (given
common circumstances) could be one
of the most distinctive features of higher taxa.

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