merging Botany and Zoology Departments (fwd)

Richard Zander bryo at COMMTECH.NET
Tue Apr 21 09:19:28 CDT 1998

Long ago, botanists at Duke University split their Biol. Sci. dept into
Zoology and Botany Depts. This has been a considerable success, and I
think you might write to them for additional info and background. The
problem nowadays with integrating Zoology and Botany is not that Botany
is squelched (so much) but that both become test tube oriented.
Botanists start calling themselves "Plant Scientists" and collections
are orphaned. It's happened locally at SUNY/Buffalo, though there are
some notable exceptions (e.g. UC/Berkeley). You might write Dept.
Integrative Biology at Berkeley and find out how they preserve a
systematic/organismal approach.

Kevin Mathe Franken wrote:
> Currently, there is a proposal to
> merge the Botany and Zoology Dept's into the Dept of Biological
> Sciences.  The vast majority of the Botany faculty here OPPOSE it
> because they fear the high-quality Botany program here will suffer (and
> for many other reasons).  In past mergers at other universities, it has
> been said that Botany faculty and course offerings DECLINE after such
> mergers.
> What I'm looking for is DATA/EVIDENCE to support that idea.  Do you or
> anyone you know have access to such data or can get a hold of such data
> showing a decline of Botany faculty and course offerings AFTER a merger
> with a Zoology Dept?  If you have such info, please show the Botany
> faculty #'s and course offerings BEFORE the merger and AFTER.  If yes,
> could you send that information to me via email or regular mail?  My
> fellow students and I are trying to bring evidence to our Student
> Senate, Faculty Senate, and administration.  Such info. would be very
> useful.

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