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Dear collegues,
Who would like to exchange information about and collection material from
regional faunas of Chrysomelidae. I am now working with large project on
variability regulations and polymorhism of Chrysomelidae (Cryptocephalus,
Chrysolina) of Palaearctics. So information of fauna of this geni is needed.
Also I am collecting a collection for this project and for my systematic
studies. All this not limited with Palaearctic.
My proposal - Russian Chrysomelidae (Urals, Altai, Tuva, ets.), including
mountain and endemic species. (Exept only Alticinae). Any available
information on Russian Chrysomelidae can be send to you as well. Including
my recently published paper on the Chrysomelidae of the Urals - the only
such rewiev and new unexpected findings.
What are your proposals?
Yuri Mikhailov
e-mail:Yuri.Mikhailov at

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