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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Mon Apr 6 11:46:00 CDT 1998

Carmine Colacino replied to Alec McClay as follows:

>At 08:58 -0600 6.04.1998, Alec McClay wrote:
>>Can someone please tell me the definition of the term "Irano-Turanian" in
>>reference to plant distribution?

>Plants whose distribution extends from the eastern Mediterranean to
>Anatolia and Iran. (Also referred to as simply "Turanian")

While this is true, it should be noted that the
"Irano-Turanian" phytogeographic region is but one that is
represented in the area Carmine Colacino describes.  For
example within the geographical entity of Palestine, Zohary
identifies the "Mediterranean" region near the coast, the
"Irano-Turanian" further inland, and the "Saharo-Sindian"
further east.  John McNeill

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