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Florian Schroeder fschroe1 at GWDG.DE
Tue Apr 7 16:42:06 CDT 1998

Dear Paul Dessart,
I try to help in the problem of revealing the origin of the german name
for squirrel " Eich horn/ Eichhoernchen":
Synonymes are the german words " Eichkaetzchen or Eichkatze" ( from
Katze= Felis catus).
The word "Eichhoernchen" derived from the old german word "eihhurno" and

this comes from an older word "aikwernan" which is composed of "aik"=
Eiche=Quercus and an very old root stem with the meaning of "
Frettchen"= ferret ( e.g. in latin viverra).
I got this informations from the famous german dictionary "Wahrig
Deutsches Woerterbuch, 6. edition, Bertelsmann Lexikon Verlag" and I
hope it is helpful for your problem.
With regards

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