XML markup in botanical context

Stuart G. Poss sgposs at WHALE.ST.USM.EDU
Wed Apr 8 08:46:00 CDT 1998



Una Smith wrote:
> I was not aware of a new XML standard;  can you provide a reference?
> I have used LaTeX (a popular mark-up language) for years, and before
> that I used GML and GML derivatives, usually for botanical subjects.
> As far as I know, botanical subjects present no special problems.
> What issues are you concerned about?
> For what it's worth, Allen Press marks up the journals it publishes
> (including American Journal of Botany) in SGML and is now offering
> some of these journals online in PDF and HTML formats converted from
> the source SGML files.  See http://www.allenpress.com/ for more info.
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