Missouri Botanical Garden Bibliographic Database Now Available

Dr. Jim Solomon jsolomon at LEHMANN.MOBOT.ORG
Mon Apr 20 12:04:24 CDT 1998

The Missouri Botanical Garden is pleased to announce the development of a
web interface to allow queries of the Vascular Plant Bibliography used by
all TROPICOS databases to link literature-based project information.
There are presently nearly 54,000 bibliographic items available.

Bibliographic citations are added to this database based on the needs of
individual Garden projects.  Thus, the literature for certain geographic
regions or taxonomic groups may be extensive, while other areas or groups
may be limited.  Queries of the database are made in real time, and
reflect the instantaneous content of the database.  Each html document
returned is custom built for that request.

To make a query of the bibliographic database type the senior authors
last name (Smith) or a keyword (Poa).  The number of 'hits' may be
restricted by adding the year of publication (1989), decade (198), or
century (19) after the author's name (e.g. Smith 1987 or Poa 198).

The keywords used in the database are not extensive, but represent major
categories of research (ecology, morphology), important research topics
(heavy metal, bog), scientific names (genera or families), and geography
(country or state).  Keywords are singular (chromosome, leaf).

In this release (rev. 1.5) the following information is provided when
present: 1) Author(s) of the publication, 2) Date, 3) Title of the
article, 4) Journal or book title, 5) Volume and pagination, and 6)

Data may be accessed through the Garden's home page under W3TROPICOS at:


or directly at:

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