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Wed Apr 22 11:30:22 CDT 1998

Dear Colleges,

        We received very interesting information on the total number
of specimens holded on herbaria of the world, and also information
on some particulars herbaria and museums. Thank you very much  for
your enthusiastic answer!

        The total number of specimens is available in the Index
Herbariorum. Probably these numbers, even though now out-of-date
(1990) are still the most accurate.  Tables 3 and 4 (pp. 481-485)
list the total number of herbarium specimens as 272,800,926, held
worldwide in 2639 herbaria.

The reference for IH is:

Holmgren, P.K., N.H. Holmgren and L.C. Barnett (eds.).  1990.
Index Herbariorum Part I: The Herbaria of the World.  8th edition.
The New York Botanical Garden Press, Bronx, New York.

Another reference recommended is:

Cooley, G.P., Harrington, M.B. and Lawrence,, 1993. Analysis and
Recommendations for Scientific Computing and Collections
Information Management of Free-Standing Museums of Natural History
and Botanical Gardens. Vol. 1 Paper. Mitre Corporation publication


Pilar Rodriguez & Patricia Koleff

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