merging Botany and Zoology Departments (fwd)

Jeremy J. Bruhl jbruhl at METZ.UNE.EDU.AU
Thu Apr 23 12:04:15 CDT 1998

Dear all

Both Richard and Una's comments ring true. Kevin, you might like to =
search back a year or two on the list-server archives for my request for =
comments and posting of comments on this very topic. Funny thing is that =
we did not merge with Zoology and thought (how na=EFve) that the issue =
had gone away, till the Dean wanted/needed to be seen to be =
restructuring our Faculty. So, here we are, a Division in the School of =
Rural Sciences and Natural Resources with Ecosystem Management, Agronomy =
and Soil Sc. and Animal Science and some of Physiology. Zoology has =
split off Molecular and Cellular Biology. Zoo and MCB are in a School of =
Biological Sciences and we are not...!@# I am waiting for the music to =
stop next time to see where we will be. The past and present groupings =
cut across joint programs in study and those who collaborated still do.


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