Publication dates of Sagra on Cuba

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The dates of publication of Ramon de la Sagra, Histoire physique, politique
et naturelle de l'Ile de Cuba (1838-1857), in which hundreds of new species
were described, have never been adequately established to my knowledge. The
catalogue of the Library of the British Museum (Natural History) gives a
collation. Stafleu & Cowan (Taxonomic Literature 2) give additional details
for botany.

I have just found that the handwritten ledger of acquisitions of the library
of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia has entries for the
period 1838 to 1841. Thereafter, library acquisitions were published in the
Proceedings of the Academy. Unfortunately, the information I have found is
presented in terms of livraisons, and I have not found anyway to tell what
subjects, pages or plates were covered in particular livraisons.

The ledger has the following entries:

August 13, 1839, Livraisons 1-7, folio plates, 8vo text.
Undated loose note, Livraisons "8, 9 & 12 & 16 Sheets of text".
September 22, 1840, Livraisons 14-16.
January 13, 1841. Someone tries to determine what parts have arrived, listing
        Mamif. texte & planches complete
        Oiseaux texte complete --- pl. wants 28
        Reptiles texte 15-206 p.  planch wants 29 & 29 bis
        Geographic text 1-144 p. plates 1-8 inclusive
        Mollusques texte 1-15 p. Planches ---
        Foraminiferes texte, I-16. 1-80 p. Planches ---
        Botaniques texte I-X. 1-32 p. Planches ---

The Proceedings list the following:

October 5, 1841, Liv. 21-25
February 1, 1842, Nos. 19-20, 26-29 [The handwritten acquisition book shows
that this is actually February 8, but it was listed with the meeting of
February 1 instead of the next meeting on February 15.]
August 9, 1842, Liv. 32-37
November 1, 1842, Liv. 38-39
February 4, 1845, Liv. 40-51

Please contact me if you additional information on this work, or know of set
that has any original wrappers. Anyone at University of Maryland or Missouri
Botanical Garden, please check your library's copy. The description on OCLC
gives different dates than usual for some parts (e.g. Mollusques starting in
1840 instead of 1841), suggesting that your copy may have internal
information. Several dozen other libraries in the United States hold this
work, and I would appreciate negative information from anyone who checks
their institution's copy or accession records.

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