Tue Apr 7 12:24:05 CDT 1998

Dear German-speaking Taxacomers,

   This may seem to have no relation with my entomological work, but
it DOES actually have, although accessorily, of course (too long and
useless to explain here). So I would be extremely grateful to any
German speaking colleague, in possession of an etymological German
dictionary, who would send me the explanation of the German name
Eich-horn (Sciurus; Mammalia, Rodentia). (By the way, the Greek
skiouros, the Latin sciurus, the French e'cureuil, the Enghish squirrel,
all derive from skia: shadow, and ouros: tail, i.e. the animal which rests
in the shadow of its own tail: what anybody may check in nature).
    For me, Eich is oak (Quercus) and Horn is ... horn (cornu). The
sense of the combination escapes to my understanding.
    Many, many thanks to any collaborator.
Paul Dessart,
Chef honoraire de la Section Insectes et Arachnomorphes
a l'Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique,
29, rue Vautier,
B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

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