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Its at:


with an overview at:


and - with regard to my beef - check out:


and the comment on evolution vs. creation (3, 3rd paragraph) - prior to the NAS
effort, the only other 'debunking  ref. I could find for this was:


and I think that the systematic community, at least an organized
rep (professional society)., could put together this sort of material
- hardcopy or web - that would help those of us involved with biology

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....Given Hugh Wilson's criticism of the systematics community, which
I would regard as not entirely accurate, I would be interested to
learn what under his #2 he might propose that we do to "address our
limp" on this issue, beyond what most of us do every day, namely
attempting to ellucidate the taxa and linneages that have
historically resulted from evolution and to communicate our findings
to others.  Perhaps the report itself provides some suggestions.

Has anyone discovered an internet posted version of the report?

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