A PicoReview: INTKEY 5.0 for Win95

Mike Dallwitz miked at SPIDER.ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Thu Feb 5 14:10:40 CST 1998

                                                             5 February 1998

> From: Jim Beach <jbeach at NBII.GOV>

> I was unable to get Internet Explorer 4.0 to work properly with INTKEY.

This was due to an incorrect registry entry produced by the installation
procedure in Windows 95/NT. The installation files at the DELTA Home Page
(http://biodiversity.uno.edu/delta/) have now been corrected. If you have
already installed the programs, you can fix the problem by downloading and
running the small file regfix.exe, which can be found by following the links
'Programs and Documentation' > 'Test versions of DELTA programs' from the
Home Page.

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