looking for Mr Plotkin

Luis Diego Gomez ldgomez at NS.OTS.AC.CR
Sat Feb 7 08:39:36 CST 1998

        Dear TAXACOMERS, do any of you have Mark Plotkin's e-mail address?
He left me one in 1996 that generates no echo and recently I found another
one that bounced back. Much obliged,
Luis Diego Gomez
Academia Nacional de Ciencias, Costa Rica
Director, Estacion Las Cruces & Wilson Botanic Garden
Organization for Tropical Studies, Inc.
Mail ldgomez at ns.ots.ac.cr
Facsimile: ++ (506)- 773-3665
Telephone: ++ (506)- 773-4004

P.O.Box 73- 8257 Coto Brus, Costa Rica

Interlink 341. POBox 025635
Miami, FL 33102-5635

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