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Michael Ohl h0662dgt at RZ.HU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Feb 16 08:22:46 CST 1998

Dear Botanists among TaxaComers,

I am an entomologist working on the taxonomy, systematics, and
evolution of digger wasps (Sphecidae). Their larvae feed on arthropod
prey whereas adults ususlly visit flowers and feed on nectar (and
pollen). In the scope of revisional studies of certain genera of
these wasps I record all available data of the species (collecting
localities, prey, flower visits, etc.). And that's my problem.
Plant species names given on (sometimes extremely small) labels
ususally lack the author name. Is there any catalog or list of e.g.
North American plant species available on the internet, which
includes author names? For example, it was not possible for me yet to
find the author name of the common Russian Thistle Salsola pestifer
(pestifera? another problem to be solved) via internet search. I even
don't know of European catalogs.
Thanks, Michael


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