Plant species names

Karen L. Wilson karen_wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Tue Feb 17 12:51:45 CST 1998

     The Global Plant Checklist of the International Organization for Plant
     Information includes authorities. It can be accessed at the IOPI web
     The Checklist is still being developed, but it does already include
     data on North American, Australian and European plants inter alia,
     based on the lists put together by Flora Europaea, ITIS and Australian
     Census of Vascular Plants.

     Karen Wilson
     Convener, Global Plant Checklist Committee

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998, Michael Ohl wrote:

> Plant species names given on (sometimes extremely small) labels
> ususally lack the author name. Is there any catalog or list of e.g.
> North American plant species available on the internet, which
> includes author names? For example, it was not possible for me yet to
> find the author name of the common Russian Thistle Salsola pestifer
> (pestifera? another problem to be solved) via internet search. I even
> don't know of European catalogs.

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