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Luis Diego Gomez ldgomez at NS.OTS.AC.CR
Tue Feb 17 16:33:10 CST 1998

In my opinion, after 40 years in the taxasphere, the market for patronyms is
basically zero. We need not worry of the ethical aspects yet, as some of you
point out the risks involved in the case such a racket ever arises.

Let us hope that good taxonomy will prevail even at the sight of many $$ to
fund a project. That a taxonomist will get "clouded" is, of course,
possible. But money or no money involved, bad taxonomists will always be
around anyway.

I sat through a lecture by a revered conservation biologist, much acclaimed
and awarded, who literally said: "we do not need taxonomy. What we need is
to save the little bits that remain. A taxonomist is a thing of the past"
much to the chagrin of many of us present.

I am a conservationist. But I am very much for collecting. And for putting
names on things.

The same illustrious person has been doing research without vouchers because
he feels "museums have too many specimens already". He is using insects to
asses biodiversity! morphospecies are enough..
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